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My “punn-iest” new blogger Camilla!

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Hey all!

I’m Camilla, a dental hygienist north of the river in Perth and lover of all puns! I come to you telling the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth about Perth’s cafe’s, restaurants and niche hubs to visit!

Find me featured here every Tuesday for the latest and greatest or find me on Instagram under _theaftergrogblog

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PLUME’IN HECK was this place gorgeous! Plume Estate is a Winery located in Bickley, about 10 minutes further than Kalamunda!

The Estate offers free wine tastings for White, Red and their dessert wines! Nothing is POURLY done.

We were lucky enough to score some beautiful weather, where the sun was shining and there wasn’t any breeze for cutting glass.

Onto the menu! A range of food for all the family designed as a Tapas Menu; to share. We chose their Cheese Board, Meatballs and my personal favourite – The Mushroom Bruschetta.

Go check it out for yourself – Plume Estate: Bickley.

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